Trying to lose weight or simply improving the quality of your diet can be frustrating. Sometimes it seems impossible to meal prep, make healthful food choices or cut back on portion sizes. This may be from lack of sleep, leading to hormonal changes making you hungrier than usual. Quality sleep in very important when trying to reach nutrition goals as this helps to normalize appetite hormones. All of this makes lack of a sleep a risk factor for obesity.

Parents are especially prone to some level of sleep deprivation as their children may be having sleep difficulties themselves. If your child has experienced difficulty sleeping, Maria Lopez, a Happiest Baby certified sleep consultant, is able to help! Please see her website at for more information. She can provide assistance to families at their homes or via Skype and has helped numerous parents improve their quality of life and sleep. She is a professional in every sense and highly effective! I know firsthand, as I am also a satisfied client!